Genetics & Human Agency Annual Meeting

Genetics & Human Agency Annual Meeting

Genetics & Human Agency held its annual meeting at the University of Virginia on May 11 and 12, 2017. Presentations based on research funded by the GHA covered genomics, gene-environment interplay, agency, and genetic determinism, among other topics. The research combined empirical science with a philosophical approach to behavior genetics, placing particular emphasis on human agency and personal responsibility. Presentations can be viewed following the links below.

Fortune’s Favor: Implications of Behavioral Genetic
Research for Distributive and Retributive Justice

Paige Harden and Carmela Epright

An adoption study of human agency

Matt McGue

Free will and determinism: an adoption study

James Lee and Matt McGue

Nurturing our Better Nature: Parsing the Roles of Heredity, Environment, and Volitional Cognitive Processes in Moral Character Development

Eugenia Gorlin

Simulating Models of Development Under Plausible Gene-Environment Interplay

Daniel Briley and Jaime Derringer

Genetic Essentialist Biases of Judges Towards Offenders with Mental Disorders: The Exacerbation of Stigma and Potential Influences on Judicial Decisions

Colleen Berryessa

What is the Coherence Problem for GWAS? And what would a solution look like?

Carl Craver

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