Genetics & Human Agency Second Annual Meeting

Genetics & Human Agency Second Annual Meeting

Genetics & Human Agency held its second annual meeting at the University of Virginia from May 2-4, 2018. Presentations based on research funded by the GHA covered three main themes: free will and agency, empirical methods, and complex causation. Topics included lay beliefs about heritability, gene-environment interaction and correlation in relation to parenting behaviors, and genetic and environmental contributions to notions of morality, among other things, representing a combination of philosophy and empirical science. Presentations can be viewed following the links below.

Morality as cooperation: a new theory and measure of morals

Oliver Scott Curry

Beliefs about heritability and parenting

Matt Vess, Matt Stichter, Rebecca J. Brooker, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, and Grace N. Rivera

Lay beliefs about heritability and human agency

Emily Willoughby, Matt McGue, and James Lee

What is coherence? And what do we need it to be?

Carl Craver, Silviu Bacanu, Mikhail Dozmorov, Mark Reimers, and Ken Kendler


The nature of nurture: a “virtual-parent” design to test parenting effects on educational attainment (EA)

Timothy C. Bates, Brion S. Maher, Sarah Medland, Kerrie McAloney, Margaret J. Wright, Narelle Hansell, Kenneth S. Kendler, Nicholas G. Martin, and Nathan A. Gillespie

How can we promote the development and maintenance of highly complex behavior and virtuous character in the context of a realistic understanding of human behavioral genetics?

Sarah Medland, Lucia Colodro Conde, Katrina Grasby, Penelope Lind, Jodie Painter, Andrew Crowden, Simone Cross, Kirsten MacGregor, and Jose Morosoli Garcia

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