Turkheimer's Projects: Genetics and Human Agency | The Louisville Twin Study

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In collaboration with several other researchers, we have recently completed a two-year grant to recover important data from the Louisville Twin Study.  The LTS was begun in 1958 under the leadership of pediatrician Frank Faulkner. It was continuously funded for more than 40 years, before it was closed down between 1999 and 2003.  The signature of the LTS was intensive, in-person longitudinal study of the development of their twin sample between birth and 15 years of age.  Unfortunately, at the time of its closing, large amounts of data were left in file drawers and had never been analyzed.  We have now completed a complete rebuild of the IQ data fro the LTS, increasing the total available scores by more than 20%.  We are now working on recovering other parts of the data.  We are currently seeking funding to follow up the twins, who are now middle aged.

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